Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

Sophie and Stuart’s Winter wedding at Farnham Castle

We might have mentioned before that we love winter weddings, especially around Christmas time, there is something really quite magical about weddings at that time of year. With this in mind we were pretty excited about Sophie and Stuart’s winter wedding at Farnham Castle. We met Sophie and Stuart at the Bluewater wedding fair and straight away their excitement about their wedding was infectious, they really are a lovely couple and we found we share a love for travel and enjoying nights out in good restaurants so there was plenty to talk about.

Now if I said their wedding day started really foggy, I’m talking a real pea souper that any Victorian Londoner would have appreciated. We always get asked “What if it rains on our wedding day?”, we often get asked “What if it’s windy on our wedding day?” We never get asked “What if it’s foggy on our wedding day!!!” Lesser photographers would have run away, (if indeed they could find the way back to their car!) We however embraced the situation, relishing the photo opportunities it presented. For a start it gave the Castle a mystical atmosphere, it also created beautiful portrait conditions in which to capture Sophie, her family and her maids before the ceremony.

So, on to the ceremony itself. It was lovely, just the right amount of tears and laughter, so full of emotion that even the registrar started to well up, which let me tell you is a rare and wonderful thing. During the signing of the register the fog miraculously cleared, letting through the glorious winter sunshine. Now while we might enjoy the photographic challenges that fog may bring, we were ever so slightly relieved to have the sun work its magic. It enabled us to take all the group photos outside saving the last of lovely light for Sophie and Stuart. Just another reminder of why we love winter weddings! As the sun set, the fog returned, and reminded us to use every window of available light to our advantage.

After dinner came the speeches in traditional order, Father of the bride, Stuart, best man, Sophie….Sophie! Yes, our bride broke with tradition and delivered a speech herself which it must be said was a belter! Incorporating one person from each table, Sophie’s speech was funny, heartfelt and delivered impeccably. After the speeches came the party and we knew these two would have a great night.

All it leaves us to say is massive congratulations to Sophie and Stuart, and happy travels too!

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