Lympne Castle Wedding Photographer

Annie and Billy’s Lympne Castle Wedding

Remember remember the 5th November. Well Annie and Billy certainly will as that’s when they had their wonderful winter wedding. Now Annie wanted a princess wedding and where else would a princess have their wedding but a fairytale castle. The fairytale castle in question was none other than the amazing Lympne Castle deep in the heart of Kent with stunning views across to France. Lympne Castle has it all really, steeped in history, St Stephen Lympne Church right next door, (did I mention the amazing views?), and beautiful cottages to get ready in.

And that’s where our story begins…..

Once upon a time in a cottage next to Lympne Castle, our beautiful bride Annie and her 7 bridesmaids were getting ready for her big day. Meanwhile, in a cottage not so far away, (next door actually), the dashing groom Billy and his ushers, donned in their fineries, were also preparing for the special day ahead.

Now fortunately for Billy, there was no dragon to kill, no evil giant to overthrow and no seven seas to sail, he just made a short walk to the church to wait for his bride. And when she arrived, Annie looked every bit the princess in her dress complete with a huge train. It was a beautiful day, and although bitterly cold you would never believe it from the photos. Annie and Billy were keen to get fabulous photos, so they fought off the freezing weather like a true prince and princess. Luckily once inside the castle there were raging fires to warm them through.

Now if sparklers were around in Cinderella’s time, I’m sure she would have had some, and being the 5th November this was the perfect way to finish Annie & Billy’s day.

Annie & Billy, we wish you all the best and that you both live happily ever after!

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