Winter Wedding at Eltham Palace

Claire and Georgina’s wonderful winter wedding at Eltham Palace

We first met Georgina & Claire at the early part of 2016 and they were one of those couples you instantly gelled with. We met them at the Eltham Palace Showcase where they had booked their wedding and we were super excited about their day. (The truth is, we were excited about their day before we even knew they were going to book us, just from the energy they gave!)

Now as much as we were looking forward to G&C’s wedding, it did come with some caveats. The shortest day of the year is the 21st December and as probably you know, photography is all about light. G&C had chosen to get married at 3pm on the 23rd December. It’s dark by 4pm. Now for some photographers this would be enough to send them running for the hills, but we love winter weddings and being creative with the light, so we knew with a little planning we’d be able to pull off some amazing shots for them. This is one of the reasons Eltham Palace recommend us.

Now we weren’t the only ones who had planned the day with military precision, G&C both got ready at The Clarendon Hotel in Blackheath and had to swap rooms a number of times without bumping into each other. I kid you not, it was like something from a movie with their respective bridesmaids on the phone to each other “Bride L is on the move, I repeat, Bride L is on the move. Can you give me a position and ETA on Bride W” Well I’m glad to say the planning paid off and they both got to Eltham Palace without seeing each other.

Being a wedding photographer you always appreciate the privileged position you’re in. Especially when you have Georgina telling you “I couldn’t tell Claire, but I’ve got a cathedral veil with my dress” and then Claire telling you “I couldn’t tell Georgina, but I’ve got a cathedral veil with my dress” You really do have to resist the temptation to punch the air and shout “YES”. We love a long veil at the best of times, but two beautiful brides with flowing veils, set against the stunning backdrop of Eltham Palace, this really was going to be magical.

The Palace has a great team working there who we’ve got to know over the years which makes the day run so smoothly. It’s one of the things we love about being Eltham Palace wedding photographers. Georgina & Claire’s day was no exception and while I could talk for ages about their wonderful winter wedding, I think the photos can tell a far better story than I ever could.

Georgina & Claire, thank you for letting us be a part of your day, we wish you much love and happiness.

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