Winters Barns Wedding Photography

Kavina and Tony’s Winters Barns Wedding

Our first wedding of 2017 was at the lovely Winters Barns, a fantastic wedding venue just outside Canterbury. One of the lovely things about Winters Barns are the rooms for getting ready, the bride has access to The Salon, a purpose built dressing room complete with mirrors and styling chairs, just like being at the hair dressers! The groom isn’t left out either, having access to the bridal cottage for his preparations.

Even on a chilly February morning the sun was already out warming the day and making the venue look great. After the bridal prep it was off to the church, just a short drive from Winters Barns, St Mary’s really is a pretty little country church. This is where we met up with Tony and his groomsmen welcoming their guests. When I say soon after Kav arrived in her car, I mean so soon after that Tony was still outside doing the meet & greet! This did give us the opportunity to get some great shots of Kav in the car, while Tony was being ushered inside. The vicar for the ceremony was Reg, and I’m sure he won’t mind me describing him as a real ‘character’. He injected just the right amount of humour into the ceremony and gave it a real personal feel.

After the church ceremony and the all important confetti photo, we all headed back to Winters Barns to make the most of the winter light. We do love a winter wedding and always make sure we make the most of the daylight we have, before we start to create out own light for more dramatic photographs in the evening.

Most brides have just the one bridal preparation sessions and one dress on their wedding day, but Kavina also had plans to change into her Indian wedding outfit. So after the wedding breakfast and speeches it was back to the Salon for some more pampering and a dress change. We think it was well worth it as Kavina looked amazing in her peach and gold outfit, complete with fresh make-up and hair style.
The prefect outfit for dancing the night away! Congratulations Kavina and Tony, we wish you a very happy marriage xx

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