Bruisyard Hall Wedding

Amy and James’s fabulous summer wedding at Bruisyard Hall

We know a lot of time and effort goes into making your wedding day perfect, for Amy and James this massive effort meant involving friends and family and having them arrive the day before with lots of flowers and bottles of wine!

One of the great things about getting married at Bruisyard Hall is that you get the venue for the whole weekend, meaning you can have dinner the night before and brunch on the morning after. This was to be our first time shooting at Bruisyard Hall, so we popped in the day before the wedding to have a good look around and check out all the best places for photos. As we arrived preparations were well underway decorating the barn, the wine was being taken into the kitchen ready for a pre-wedding meal that night and somewhere in the midst of it all Amy and James were trying to remain calm and greet family and friends as they arrived.

When we arrived back on the day of the wedding we could see the fruits of everyone’s labour. Bruisyard looked stunning. The whole place was a hive of activity with James and the boys getting ready in one part of the house and Amy and the rest of Team Bride getting ready in the bridal suite. After an emotional ‘first look’ from dad Howard, Amy and James had a ‘first touch’ where they were either side of a wall and could hold hands, but couldn’t see or speak to each other. Emotions by this stage were in overdrive.

After the big build-up, A&J could not wait for the ceremony and upon seeing each other for the first time, their love shone out like a beacon. We always knew theirs would be a great day, but our thoughts were cemented once the ceremony started.

After all that emotion everybody needed a stiff drink and once A&J had had the chance to relax and chat with their guests for a bit we whisked them off for some photos. Bruisyard has plenty of photo opportunities and Amy & James looked fabulous in all of them.

We really had a great day with these guys and I think the photos are a testament to that. Amy & James, a huge congratulations from us both xx

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