Orchard wedding at The Barnyard

Rachael and Adam’s wedding at The Barnyard

Rachael and Adam’s wedding day was another where we were greeted by the lovely Elizabeth Joseph Love and Angela from RKW Hair, as they were busy at work doing Rachael’s hair and make-up as we arrived. As we have said many times before, we always know it’s going to be a good day when we are working alongside other great wedding professionals.

The Barnyard always has great opportunities for photos, but at the time of year of Rachael and Adam’s wedding it’s one of the best. The orchard was full of shiny bright red apples, giving a beautiful splash of colour to the photos. The orchard was the perfect place for the day time photos, but as the sun set The Barnyard still had more great places for images. We love creating photos with lights and the fairy lights and the fountain gave us a fantastic chance to create something really special.

Hugh congratulations Rachael and Adam! xx

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