Admiral’s House

The Admiral’s House at The Old Royal Naval College is a beautiful venue for a wedding, and we are extremely proud to be one of the trusted suppliers here.

The ORNC is well known the world over and it’s easy to see why. Steeped in history and stunning to look at, it is without doubt one of the most unique places to be married at in the UK and often makes the top ten in lists of desirable UK wedding venues.
No matter whether you choose The Admiral’s House, The Painted Hall or The Queen Mary Undercroft wedding photography at The Old Royal Naval College is a special thing, it allows you to have your photographs taken within the grounds using the stunning architecture as your backdrop.

The Admiral’s House is situated in the oldest building of the ORNC and as it isn’t open to the public you and your guests get to see a little piece of history nobody else can. The grounds are wonderful for photographs with superb views along the river, especially at sunset.
Inside there are a number of rooms each with their own character, so should the weather be bad there are great opportunities for photos inside.
The Kay room is an ideal place for a bride and her bridesmaids to finish getting ready, with her grand entrance being made down the beautiful period staircase.
The lower lobby has an amazing tiled floor, which cries out to be photographed.

We really enjoy being wedding photographers at The ORNC and know that it really is a great venue for a wedding. If you are looking for a photographer for either the Admiral’s House or The Painted Hall then please contact us here.

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