Old Royal Naval College

Old Royal Naval College Wedding Photographer
The Painted Hall

The Old Royal Naval College or ORNC, is an extremely well known venue and not just for weddings. This is why we feel very privileged to be listed as one of The Old Royal Naval College’s trusted suppliers.
The painted hall has been hosting dinners for Royals and other distinguished guests for years. In more recent years the ORNC has stared in a number of Hollywood films and television series.

It is a real honour to be an Old Royal Naval College wedding photographer. It’s a venue that lends itself to photography, add a bride and groom to that and the photos are stunning. I feel very lucky to have this fabulous venue so close to home. From the first sight of the ORNC from the river you can’t help but be impressed.

One thing we really love about weddings in the Painted Hall is the painted wall of the upper hall that makes a beautiful backdrop to speech photographs, it’s unrivalled anywhere else.

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