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Woolwich Town Hall

Woolwich Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Woolwich Town Hall, in the Royal borough of Greenwich is a stunning building, it’s a listed building and has been open since 1906. Although being a Town hall and therefore being a functional building, it is very grand and extremely photogenic.
As you enter you are greeted by The Victoria Hall, a grand space with a high vaulted ceiling and a large staircase leading to the upper level. I do love being a Woolwich Town Hall wedding photographer and love the photos that can be taken here. The floor of the Victoria Hall is polished so it gleams, and this creates great reflections which as a photographer I love. The staircase is a perfect backdrop for group photographs. Being a Greenwich photographer it is also a really local venue for me.

If you are getting married at Woolwich Town Hall and need a wedding photographer, contact us here.

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